domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

My plans future =)

Principally to graduate, to obtain a good work to continue studying, to have my apartament, my car to travel to Spain and hereinafter(later on) to be able to marry and form my family

My university routine =)

I have my transport that comes to look for me to remove to the university go to classes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it is a strong day because I am in my final work of degree but with all the spirits of the world to continue forward and to graduate that it is one of my goals in my life

My life in the university =)

My life in the university is excellent in these three years that I take in the career of social communication I have many knowledges that I am going to put in practice in a futiuro I am charmed with what I study. I have good friends already it lacks me little to graduate I am thrilled and happy.

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

My Town

I live in the Beautiful Avenue square(seat) dresses in a building park in an apartment type I study in the floor(flat) 4 quite this fence relativamnte to less than one stable goes on the public transport.
It' s a very convenient neighborhood.

The Venezuelan family

In Venezuela the rate of natalidaes discharge, they have the very young children and if almost the recursospara brindarlesv do not have a good equal future continue having. Other persons think differently both are organized better both the man and the woman have to work to have a good revenue and have 2 children calculated more or less.Today child-cares exist where the majority of the parents come to them. They leave his(her,your) children in his(her,your) classes and they to working it is good for the children poruqe like that they start creating responsibility from small

My Family

! Hola! My name is Osmeyrit, my family is beautiful mas that I have in my life I love them and they live in the condition(state) Trujillo.

My dad is 58 years old is an engineer electrician and is employed at a company called HIDROANDES.My mother is 56 years old is landlady of house and retired teacher.

My major sister is 30 years old is a petroleum engineer and is employed at the transnational one. My another sister is 28 years old is licensed in advertising and marketing and is employed in at a university


In a remote age, when the great one Was Sapping he was a gentleman of all these lands, in the space that today the waters cover an immense jungle was getting up. It(he,she) was sapping it(he,she) established his(her,your) villages in the shores of the enormous jungle and reserved it for his(her,your) mansion and playtime. With only his(her,your) voice, since it(he,she) was possessing the gift of the magic, it(he,she) raised in the center of the jungle a delighted(enchanted) palace. In him(it) it(he,she) was living with his(her,your) daughter Maruma, so graceful and beautiful as a beam of the Sun, and poetisa and singer of the most sweet voice. It(he,she) was sapping, the great gentleman, it(he,she) never wanted to give it in marriage(couple), since it(he,she) was reserving it to take delight with his(her,your) singing and his(her,your) felt poetry(poems). One day, it(he,she) stayed away the great one Was Sapping, and the beautiful Maruma armed(assembled) with his(her,your) arch and arrows, penetrated in the jungle in pursuit of a deer. Already it(he,she) had it to shot, already it(he,she) was going to give up the rope(string) of his(her,your) arch, when it(he,she) saw that. Maruma took the young man to the palace, made Maruma that they were serving a splendid banquet him(her) and, when they ended, sang a song of love to Tamare. When the maiden concluded, Tamare improvised in response the most tender poems that a soul in love could conceive. They sang and drank. Leaned on soft lung and in narrow embrace, they continued his(her,your) improvisations that were ending in a sweet kiss, without falling down in account(bill) from which the time was happening(passing) very rapidly. It(He,She) came finally the great one Was Sapping and on having approached the palace and having listened in the room of his(her,your) daughter to the singing of a man alternating with Maruma's singing, abundance of the most rabid pain gave on the soil a kick so formidable that the jungle informs sank turning into an abyss. To the point, the mighty rivers of the mountain chain neighbors